The WIP That Didn’t Come To Be

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The door blew inward, and 5 different sights of weapons targeted her heart and head. The men heard their comm machines beep. Without any prompting the machines began to read out their messages.. “Your wife…” “…turned in your brother…” “…collected enough money to purchase a secret home…” The soldiers stared at each other as the messages telling them how their commanders, friends, fellow-brothers-in-arms, had either been betrayed or were learning of their betrayal. In the following shoot-out, one of the projectiles caught her shirt on fire, burning it to her skin. She awoke to her own screams. It was just a dream. Just a dream.

Kline shivered, reminded of her dream. “Dessert?”

“Drink.” He poured her another glass of beer, to follow their sumptuous home-cooked meal.

As she sipped, Duffy stood and opened his shirt, revealing his chest, including a burn scar to the side. Kline choked.

Duffy moved instantly, snagging the drink out of her hand, murmuring, “Breathe, beautiful.” He watched her gaze return to his scar as she coughed, passive to its focus. When she finally could inhale without coughing, he joked, “It was a lot worse than it looks.”

As he knelt before her, he snagged the hem of her shirt. Studying her eyes, he lifted to just under her breasts until she held her arms up over her head letting him pull it off. Standing before her, he opened his pants and tugged them down with his underwear. His erection was rock hard, he desired her so thoroughly. Her inhale of excitement, made him smile as he murmured, “Dessert is served.” Then he lay on his back on the cleared table, “Take what you want, beautiful.”

Kline’s blue gaze darkened at the sight of his promised dessert. She slowly, teasingly, released her bra, drew down her pants and wandered closer.

“Panties, especially,” he rumbled, drinking in her almost naked form.

As she pulled them off, she told him, “I..I brought a condom; I’m not on anything.”

He nodded, not so much in confirmation as saying ‘I know’. The obsession in his gaze was getting stronger, easier to identify. Somehow we’re connected. Kline knew on a different level that he was her dream-man. Removing the last barrier between them, she inhaled, caught by his scent. Her gaze slid over his body, presented to her on the table. Silly man! She fixed her gaze on his erection, the shimmer of fluid on the tip.

[If you want to read more…paywall, so contact me! -BZ]

WordPress Posters I Miss

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While I generally skim through the posts that other wordpress bloggers are posting to keep up on their news and where their thoughts are trending, there are a few that have caught my attention:
1) the conspiracy theorists
2) the nature images

What happened to the conspiracy theorists? It’s like the 2016 election burned them out. Same as how it burned out a lot of people, but most came back. The conspiracy theorists have either just plain gone or drifted into racist territory (at which point I had to stop following them). I miss the “moon is a space station!” and “alien-human hybrids!” stories.

So here’s my contribution:



Just lately the posters of the nature pics disappeared. This particularly makes me sad, because I’ve enunciated before on how awesome an effect they have on the emotional landscape. As it’s been some time since I’ve had a chance to get out into nature, here’s the best I could do.

Flight of the Valkyrie



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Dear Earthlings,

You are all wonderful and special, and messy in an oddly intriguing way. After reviewing some spaceship logs, I’ve noticed a pattern in its overall functionality that may account for a number of cringe-worthy moments. I need to devote myself to study this pattern and make appropriate repairs. As this is best done in orbit, I’m taking off for a bit of a Sabbatical. I shall miss you all, and expect much pleasure as I review your communications.

Peace Friends


Uplifting music thread

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Meaning Behind Nature Pics

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A lot of people see different things when they view a nature image. The foliage (maybe), topography, an environment “untouched” by people. I view and like nature imagery because of the implicit meaning behind the images: the absence of people. A single building is okay, after all one’s internal escape to another place (or even time) does get enhanced with the promise of food, bed, shelter from the elements, etc. But more than one small abode gets too crowded for my imagination.

Sharing Files Anonymously Made Simple

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So, how best to share files has increasingly been a growing issue with either their size or various restrictions either in that the information should be confidential or copyright language makes it hinky to place on a 3rd party server.

The solution that I’ve started pursuing:

A .onion address straight from my computer. 

The complication:

I program to calculate shit.  I don’t program to program.

So with that…here’s the fun ride to a .onion address straight from your computer.

Step 1: install TOR on your computer (torproject.org)

Step 2: turn a directory into a simple webserver (sample command I used in unix below–ONLY RUN IT IN THE DIRECTORY..which includes SUBDIRECTORIES…THAT YOU WANT TO SHARE).  Instructions are here (with warnings): https://www.pythonforbeginners.com/modules-in-python/how-to-use-simplehttpserver/

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Step 3: don’t worry about the firewall (if you don’t have a firewall, you really should have one) and don’t worry about the router (lots of stuff in there worth learning)

Step 4: get your computer’s local-ip-address (look in the wlan0 output) with the command:

$ ifconfig -a

Step 5: edit the torrc file

Here’s where it became annoying.  The torrc file is wherever you stuck tor on your computer when you installed it.  On my system it was under a path that ended in /TorBrowser/Data/Tor/

In a text editor add the following lines and remember the [path] to get to your tor application ([path] will be something like /home/user/tor-browser_en-US/Browser):

HiddenServiceDir [path]/TorBrowser/Tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 80 local-ip-address:8080

Step 6: start up TOR and then type the command to print the text to type into your tor browser to see the files in that directory you want to share:

$ cat [path]/TorBrowser/Tor/hidden_service/hostname

Step 7: share that text (randomcharacters.onion) with the persons that you want to share the files with.  It ONLY works inside a TOR browser.  I think the other caveat is that both you and the person you want to share the files with need to be on TOR at the same time.

Yes, I touched a trash-80.  Ah, the inset orange button of doom…to this day I wished I’d pressed it.  Caressed it so many times.  So many times.

“Let them out of your sex dungeon”

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Picturing this RENO 911’s Holiday Survival PSA with the genders of who is imprisoning whom reversed. LULZ.

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