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Meaning Behind Nature Pics

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A lot of people see different things when they view a nature image. The foliage (maybe), topography, an environment “untouched” by people. I view and like nature imagery because of the implicit meaning behind the images: the absence of people. A single building is okay, after all one’s internal escape to another place (or even time) does get enhanced with the promise of food, bed, shelter from the elements, etc. But more than one small abode gets too crowded for my imagination.

Sharing Files Anonymously Made Simple

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So, how best to share files has increasingly been a growing issue with either their size or various restrictions either in that the information should be confidential or copyright language makes it hinky to place on a 3rd party server.

The solution that I’ve started pursuing:

A .onion address straight from my computer. 

The complication:

I program to calculate shit.  I don’t program to program.

So with that…here’s the fun ride to a .onion address straight from your computer.

Step 1: install TOR on your computer (torproject.org)

Step 2: turn a directory into a simple webserver (sample command I used in unix below–ONLY RUN IT IN THE DIRECTORY..which includes SUBDIRECTORIES…THAT YOU WANT TO SHARE).  Instructions are here (with warnings): https://www.pythonforbeginners.com/modules-in-python/how-to-use-simplehttpserver/

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Step 3: don’t worry about the firewall (if you don’t have a firewall, you really should have one) and don’t worry about the router (lots of stuff in there worth learning)

Step 4: get your computer’s local-ip-address (look in the wlan0 output) with the command:

$ ifconfig -a

Step 5: edit the torrc file

Here’s where it became annoying.  The torrc file is wherever you stuck tor on your computer when you installed it.  On my system it was under a path that ended in /TorBrowser/Data/Tor/

In a text editor add the following lines and remember the [path] to get to your tor application ([path] will be something like /home/user/tor-browser_en-US/Browser):

HiddenServiceDir [path]/TorBrowser/Tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 80 local-ip-address:8080

Step 6: start up TOR and then type the command to print the text to type into your tor browser to see the files in that directory you want to share:

$ cat [path]/TorBrowser/Tor/hidden_service/hostname

Step 7: share that text (randomcharacters.onion) with the persons that you want to share the files with.  It ONLY works inside a TOR browser.  I think the other caveat is that both you and the person you want to share the files with need to be on TOR at the same time.

Yes, I touched a trash-80.  Ah, the inset orange button of doom…to this day I wished I’d pressed it.  Caressed it so many times.  So many times.

“Let them out of your sex dungeon”

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Picturing this RENO 911’s Holiday Survival PSA with the genders of who is imprisoning whom reversed. LULZ.

Purchase Some Winter Warmth!

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These make excellent gifts for (1) the grammar-Nazi in your life, (2) the friend who vicariously enjoys your escapades, (3) the unacknowledged masochist, and (4) anyone else whose ever left you with that thank-you-I-think feeling!

For every 200 pages, $10 per soft bound or $15 per “hard” bound (I don’t use book board so it’s not up to hard use)*. Payment options are detailed HERE.


Cover Title Page Count
Playing Around 96
18 Degrees and Counting 484
Premature Pursuit 88
Thoroughly Screwed 93
Fugitive Bounties 195

*The number of pages is rounded up, so Fugitive Bounties at 195 pages counts as 200 pages. After the first 200 pages, then the amounts round up by 100 pages at related value. So 18 Degrees and Counting rounds up to 500 pages, which is $25 for the soft bound book and $37.50 for the hard. If you’re interested in buying one of the shorter books, e.g. Playing Around, then it’s expected that you’ll purchase another companion text, such as Thoroughly Screwed, to get close to 200 pages. It’s Only Fair… or one of the Thalamus Thitillations is available on request to supplement a purchase.

WIP: Playing Around-Ijk

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When Kayne’s flight arrived, Leon hung back in the general flow of passengers around the station. She disembarked with fellow commercial passengers, and he studied them to see if any were tracking her, too. As she moved away, orienting herself and determining the location of her quarters, he followed at a distance. He frowned in disapproval. She knows she’s supposed to know the layout herself in advance. Then she headed off, and he took himself back to his own quarters to follow through the station’s security system with his overrides. Her quarters were too easily accessible for locating in the databases and physically; there was too much unrelated foot traffic moving through the corridor.

Scanning backward in time, he only saw housekeeping enter and leave it. So far the trip appeared to be safe. So did Manteou. He settled in and watched. It was several hours later when unusual foot traffic caught his eye. A male with a scanner passed through the corridor, slowing at her quarters. Leon stood, shut down the equipment, gathered his gear and headed to engage what he was certain would develop into another attack in a day or two. But first, it’s time to talk and get a few things settled.

Kayne was soaking in her bathtub when her door rattled with Leon’s usual tattoo. She yanked herself out of the water expecting another attack until his strained voice became clear over the sloshing, “Dr.? It’s me. Let me in.”

“I’m hurrying,” she skipped robing and stood to the side activating the door.

He stepped in and hit the close button as his eyes widened seeing her glistening, naked state. “Kayne…” he began, his gaze dropping to her breasts.

“Wait,” she ordered slipping back into the bathroom and throwing on a robe. When she turned around, she inhaled sharply finding herself face to face with him. He followed. He reached a hand out and gently pushed some of her hair out of her face. She swallowed nervously, attracted but leery. Leon’s always made me twitchy. His gaze was unsettled, disturbed yet desirous. “Leon?” she asked softly, “What…”

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he leaned in and kissed her. Not a soft, brief press on her lips like before. This time he used more force, enough that she would have to kiss him back or back up to show she didn’t like it. She didn’t back up.

The kiss turned intense. He tilted his head, his clean-shaven chin pressed against her cheek as his tongue slipped across hers in stroke after demanding stroke. She grasped his arms. When they paused, she partially opened her eyes, and looked deliriously into his.

“Let me touch you, Kayne,” he murmured while lifting her hand and licking one of her fingers for emphasis.

Her cheeks warmed with arousal and her breathing was irregular as she whispered, “It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Explain,” he prompted, taking another finger into his mouth and letting her know what his tongue was capable of in other places.

She shivered, “I…I got myself into a situation…ah…um…it’s not fair…I mean…” he paused to let her finish the thought. She stared into his eyes, darkened with lust and concern, then looked down so she couldn’t see their expression as she admitted the truth, “After an…a date…um…I can’t orgasm without thinking about the man I was with.”

I can fix that for you. “You need another experience then,” he rumbled, snatching her up into his arms.

She looked at him in surprise. His face was determined, and his eyes twinkled with an emotion that she refused to identify. “I want to…I’m nervous about you, Leon. You have skills that are pretty terrifying.” And he gave off the vibe of a man seriously considering becoming a major component of her life. She had skittered away from that once already but now she could be looking at another trap.

“Let me touch you. Just say No at any time, Kayne,” he replied squeezing her with a brief hug. Her answer was interrupted by a knock at the door. Leon put her down, as she pushed at his chest. When she moved towards the door, he pulled her back shaking his head and conveying, ‘No, that’s my job.’

‘I’m supposed to be here alone,’ she signed silently in response, then tangled her legs with his ankles to trip him up so she could get to the door first.

Their quiet battle was brief. Leon tossed her bodily onto the bed, rolled her in the blanket until she was temporarily secured, and then drew his taser as he called through the door, “Identify yourself.”

“I don’t have to knock, Sgt. Vlaki,” was the response.

Kayne froze from trying to free herself, I know that voice. Her body lit up, electrified with arousal.

“Oh, shit,” whispered Leon who recognized the speaker, too. He glanced at the door monitor from his wrist comm, holstered his trank gun, and stood at attention while opening the door, revealing the man who had assigned a bodyguard to Kayne in the first place.

Here was the man who haunted Kayne’s dreams. And he was pissed. You couldn’t tell directly from his facial expression, but his posture and coloring gave it away to her seasoned eye. Ferminijk Periman. His eyes took in everything in two blinks, and he gently shut the door to her invaded space while putting away his Patriot Security credentials. “Ijk? No, it can’t be,” she groaned resuming her struggle against the blanket. He’s Patriot Sec. My family is going to go ballistic. “You work in mushrooms. Your career profile says mushrooms.”

“And so I do shit-farming of a sort,” he conversationally replied, pointing Leon to go stand on the other side of the room away from her. She doubled her struggles as he approached, but it was no good. Then Ijk snagged the edge of the blanket and had her free in two tugs.

Despite the robe, her naked state underneath was unmistakable as she straightened herself up to face him. Glancing at his expression, she backed up a step. He looked like an ex-boyfriend who hadn’t given up and then had his status slapped in his face. “Not that it’s any of your business, but nothing happened. Sgt. Vlaki’s arrival disrupted my bath,” she murmured to defuse any fissile reactions.

Ijk’s response was a raised eyebrow. Turning to Leon, he ordered, “Sgt., you sit there and face me. Dr., you sit here on the bed next to me and face the wall, so your bodyguard won’t see your facial expressions during the interrogation.”

As Kayne settled in a state of complete disorientation, Ijk lay one of his hands on her thigh just above the knee. No further. She patted it briefly in warning, and he squeezed her thigh slightly in return. Translation: no way. Her traitorous body was vibrating in happy welcome.

Leon noticed and fought to keep his expression neutral. Patriot Sec intimidated everyone, obviously there was more going on than he knew about, and he didn’t like the challenge to accessing Kayne that it implied in a major way.

Ijk’s voice was low as he began, “I noticed your report from Caledon was a little off, Sgt. What happened exactly?”

“They drugged my water…” Leon began.

Ijk interrupted, “I want to hear the parts that weren’t in the report.” His tone was patient.

Leon inhaled sensing the danger, he was admitting to breaking the law. “I..I thought Dr. McClain was my ex-girlfriend, and I tried to warm her up for sex.” Ijk glanced at her face then returned his attention to Leon as he continued, “She said she was menstruating, which my ex would lie about, so I…I argued. But then she said she would take care of me, and I let her go…to go and give me a hand job.” He clenched his jaw. In other words, I very nearly raped her and definitely sexually assaulted her. It didn’t make any sense, but he realized what constituted part of the motivation driving him, I need her to welcome my touch so I can make it up to her.

Ijk watched Kayne while asking Leon, “Nothing else happened?”

“At Caledon.” He replied grimly.

Ijk slid his hand up Kayne’s thigh and inward as he prompted, “Go on.” Ijk’s demonstration that touching her was his privilege pounded into Leon’s gut loud and clear.

“Manteou was a lot safer…” Leon began stiffly. Stop touching her.

She fidgeted a little, a fractional shifting away signaling discomfort rather than real rejection, so Ijk shifted his fingers higher and grazed her vulva instead. She shuddered, as he murmured in hear ear, “Be still or else I’ll order you two to provide me with a demonstration.” She flushed in embarrassment and guilt. Ijk smiled as he made a decision, If she’s feeling guilty then she’s still attached.

“…until the end. I tried to stop thinking about Caledon. But after the firefight, I asked her to do another hand-job to know the experience so I could separate dream from reality.” Ijk was fingering her; he could tell from the stiffness of her back and the flexing of his hand. He narrowed his eyes. “She wouldn’t let me touch her afterward though.” The Patriot Sec man officially pissed him off.

Ijk stopped and slipped his arm around her waist, contemplating. “So what exactly were you planning when you came here, Sgt.?”

Leon was done with the fucking interrogation. “To inspect her safety.” To touch her. “And to talk.” To fuck her.

Ijk lifted her chin gently and inspected her face. “Her facial expression tells me there was more. How did she end up rolled for taking when I arrived? Or no…the correct term in the Ninja Guild was ‘raking’ wasn’t it.”

He knows. “I talked to her about touching each other and her reservations. Then you knocked, and she was refusing to let me answer the door.” Rolling-and-raking doesn’t sound like a half bad plan to get Kayne the hell away from you. Ijk silently studied Leon. That Kayne had also broken the law was implicit. Ijk, however, could do whatever he wanted. He wants Kayne. Leon clenched his fists as he waited for judgment.

Then Ijk pulled a small box out of his jacket. Releasing Kayne’s waist, he handed it to her and ordered, “Open it.” She softly inhaled in surprise and alarm as she lifted the lid. “Show it to him,” Ijk ordered.

A marriage bracelet? Oh, he’s going to fuck me up bad. Leon’s focus jerked from the package’s contents to Ijk face. Wait a minute. He glanced back at Kayne. You never had a claiming bruise. It was a Vox tradition. And Kayne wasn’t acting like a blushing bride. She was swallowing nervously while staring at the bracelet.

“I think the bracelet will decide the Sgt.’s fate,” Ijk commented softly pulling it out and lifting Kayne’s arm.

She was clenching her hand in a fist but otherwise not putting up a struggle that would set Leon off to protect her, “Ijk, don’t do this. You know how this is going to end. You were supposed to be a fucking mushroom farmer, dammit.”

“Now Sgt. learn something about this woman we desire,” he said ignoring her protest. Tapping the bracelet against her skin, Leon sucked in his breath as it moved sinuously like a snake. Then it started changing color. Kayne held her breath, uncomfortable.

Marker. Leon hadn’t seen one before. They were permanent and gave monitoring capabilities to specific owners. Slavers were first to adopt the technology. What it meant was he’d have to kill the Patriot Sec officer to get his hands on Kayne now. But then the unexpected happened: pieces of the marker began to fall in a rain of dust. What?

“Ever hear of the McClain Clan, Sgt.?” Ijk asked gently brushing the dust off her skin.

He shook his head as Kayne punched Ijk in his shoulder with no real force behind it.

Ijk grasped her fist and kissed her knuckles. “It means my intended here can keep you as her toy, and I won’t have you killed so long as you can keep her alive.” Both Kayne and Leon were staring at him uncertainly as he spoke. “But just be aware, my dear, I expect to get whatever you have given to him as well.”

I like the I-may-live part, but he hated the other part of that deal. And Kayne’s expression of disturbed, yet deep arousal at the man’s touch irritated him to no end.

Ijk nodded secure in his decision, “You’re dismissed until 5AM, Sgt.” As Leon stood, he paused gazing at Kayne indecisively, unwilling to leave. This feels wrong. “I need to begin Dr. McClain’s interrogation now,” Ijk commented gesturing towards the door.

His instincts told him that Ijk wasn’t going to hurt her, but it went deeply against all of his training to leave prior to an ‘interrogation’ like the one being threatened. But she wasn’t asking for help or signaling fear, actually the reverse. In as much as he could read her body language with her back turned to him. Ijk was keeping her restricted from looking his way. Which pissed him off further. Taking the unsubtle hint, Leon exited her quarters and reflected on how he felt. So I can fuck her, but then she’ll be forced to share. Staring at her closed door, he considered, It’s her decision really. Back in his quarters, he returned to monitoring her corridor and thought, It’s my decision too. If any passersby acted concerned about noises coming from her room, he would intervene…violently.

This is the last installment until my readers need to demonstrate that they are adults. The remainder can be read in SecondLife! Message me, and I’ll send you a prim for borrowing. Of course, it’s available for purchase!


WIP: Playing Around-Vacation

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“So, did you accidentally get drugged again?” Leon’s sparring partner asked.

He didn’t answer. Never did. The barbs were always for distraction. He dispatched him with less opportunity to learn, though. Later, as the emotion registered for how he felt, he took the soldier’s usual chair and pulled the fixtures under one of the legs.

He was in the library, catching up on the intel for current threats when the Capt. appeared. “Sgt. Vlaki. A word.”

No electronic log, eh? Leon glanced at his comm through which the Capt. should have sent his summons.

He was led to the empty conference room. “Sgt. why have you resumed monitoring functions on Dr. McClain after the mission has ended?” he asked severely.

Ignoring the microphones and cameras, any of which could be active, Leon blandly replied, “ Manteou Station had every indication of being safe. The ambush and timing suggested to me that the planning occurs here, probably among her connections.”

The Capt. looked around as he thought the situation over. “Yes, okay. She’s your assignment anyways.”

He doesn’t want to deal with the Patriot Security guy again.

“Her next assignment is Ishihara Memorial, so you’ll not be necessary until the one after that.”

Only perfecting his facade of bland observation kept Leon from jumping up and cussing. Col. MacCaffrey warned me about the conditions that precipitate an attack…Starting with a false sense of security. Ishihara Memorial was their oldest operating station, a safe hub for travel, but it was also full of idiosyncratic engineering and lots of suspicious travelers. A big attack is coming.

“By the way, how did you handle the four at Manteou? The Col. there said the cameras had been deactivated for the attack. Which speaks volumes for his poor management by the way,” Leon’s Capt. continued.

Who are you to judge? Leon lied, “They moved in single file.” His ninja ways of battle were always lies on reports, otherwise he’d have to teach the skills that required integrity to go with them. Most of the bodyguards working at the time he joined were currently involved in training and no longer active, or dead, but Leon was never given the option to promote. The new Capt. kept up the tradition of keeping him on the jobs that promised to be the worst. His lips softened from their severe line as he left the conference. I wouldn’t have gotten my hands on Kayne otherwise.

That evening as he watched Kayne visit with her neighbors, he filed a Holiday Request form. After its approval several days later, he made arrangements to leave the day before her trip began for a two week vacation to Ishihara Memorial Station.

Tune in for more!

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