Another Game

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“So what game do you want to play?” she asked, a shiver of anticipation modulated her voice control.

He smiled wickedly, his humor was handsome as sin, “Trivia. You in?”

She nodded okay, her eyes flashing with the challenge.

A deck of cards was produced, and she raised an eyebrow as he asked his first question, “What were you wearing when I first noticed you?”

“What kind of trivia is this?” she wondered taken aback.

He reached for her blouse. “Wrong answer,” he announced tugging the cloth free from her waist, and opening its clasps. “The correct answer is a t-shirt with a dragon on it, purple, and jeans.”

She gasped, “Oh my God!” realizing what exactly he was up to.

He pulled out the next question card with the flair of a master of ceremonies. “Where was our first kiss?”

“Next to..no..the park!” she blurted, pulling nervously at her bra straps where one had slid off her shoulder.

He traced his fingers down from her lips, along her neck, and over her clavicle knocking the strap back off. “Wrong again.” His other hand joined the maddening dance as he circled her breast with his fingers, sliding them from below across the side, to her back where he released the clasp.

“What?” she exclaimed as she passively let him remove her bra. “It WAS in the park!”

Grazing his fingers across her freed breasts, he answered with a low rumble of satisfaction, “No, it was in my dream the night before.”

“Are you shitting me? I’m supposed to give the wrong answer because you don’t have your facts straight?”

He laughed. “Next question, beautiful. When did you trigger my first erection?”

She opened and closed her mouth several times before finally answering, “Probably during that damn dream of yours…”

“Nope!” he interrupted, grasping her hips and tugging her up onto her knees. Running his fingers along the seam of her pants, he leaned over her back murmuring, “I read your diary.”

When she swung her head to look at him in surprise, he kissed her. During the kiss, his hands eased her pants over her derriere and down her thighs, where they caught under her knees.

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Image Credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Platon_Obukhov_picture_Nude_with_Cards_and_Blue_Bottle,_2011,_oil_on_board,_41,4_by_35.jpg


Magic Eye

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While I seriously doubt I’m the first…have no doubt I’m not the last…



Credit: MagicEye.js by Ian Pearce
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Lunch Rush

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“Are you hungry?” he asked, popping into her office.

She stopped typing for a minute and looked at him, considering. His eyes twinkled, an extra tension was revealed in his bearing. She glanced at his lips, then looked back up to his eyes. Licking her lips, she answered, “Yeah, alright.”

“Meet you in the lobby in an hour then,” he replied.

He was grinning. The vision of his grin stayed in the back her mind with the ghost-scent of his cologne.

An hour later, he nodded at her as she approached. She was wearing a business skirt, making everything easier. “Ready?” he asked.

She nodded, “We’ve only got an hour. I feel like meat. You?”

“That sounds good,” he agreed as they walked towards the parking garage.

Opening the door for her, he smiled as she climbed in to his lev-car and settled without bothering to straighten her skirt. Her lower thighs were visible.

Climbing in himself, he fidgeted around to make sure his soft erection had room. His heart rate was climbing. The vehicle lifted off.

As soon as their office building was out of sight below, his hand settled on her thigh. She glanced at him out the side of her eye, and idly unbuttoned her blouse until the bottom edge of her bra was visible.

Breathing deeper, he ran his hand up her thigh in a confident caress until his fingers settled on her vulva. She shivered from heat rushing through her frame. Looking at his profile, she smiled, “Want to hear about my trip?”

“I want to hear how you missed me.” His fingers moved then, rubbing her clitoris in teasing strokes. She tensed as arousal grew from warmth to discomfort.

Pausing at a traffic signal, he grasped her nearest hand with his free hand and pressed it against his hard erection encased in clothes. Her hand readily curved around it. In response to which, he rubbed her harder. Her panties were getting wet, and he smiled.

“I rubbed myself every night,” she murmured, shifting her hips with his strokes. “And still was unsatisfied.”

Reaching over, she unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. His erection was pressing against the material of the underwear.

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Image credits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nipping_the_Nape.png

I’d Like Direct Access to Your Code

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Muses come in many forms. Mine’s a coffee cup with the ancient inscriptions of 5 inch floppies (87.5 kB of memory) and a nerdy come-on. Addicting, fulfilling, historical, hysterical, and inscrutable all in one magnificent ceramic piece. Truly a muse by any measure.


From BZ’s Perspective: The Rare Earth hypothesis — The Science Geek

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Now for us fine connoisseurs of human-alien erotica, the Drake equation needs a few more probability factors: S=sexual reproduction, P=fitting parts, V=survivable, D=99.9% similar DNA. Which raises the troubling specter of zoophilia, but that discussion will keep for now. So lets learn more about the probability of ET without these modifications…

Ever since the pioneering work of Frank Drake (1930-) in 1960, astronomers have been looking for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilisations and have failed to find anything. This could be because Earth-like planets containing complex life forms (such as ourselves) are rare in the Universe and only a series of highly improbable events led to the […]

via The Rare Earth hypothesis — The Science Geek


Now that I’ve just ruined an important intellectual and scientific discussion, here’s some fine examples of the demand for the Zyx-Modified Drake Equation.

Bitcoin Accepted!

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After several false starts, finally created a bitcoin wallet to accept transactions!

On Programming Comments

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/*This information is for ME! Not you.
And that’s why it’s going to be completely
inscrutable and without any meaning to anyone
who doesn’t think exactly like me. You get
this code, you will be totally lost. I get
lost. But only this comment will get me
oriented to know what I was thinking when
I wrote it. So FUCK OFF or ask me for help.
Which I’ll only give if I get paid. A lot.*/

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